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Click on the appropriate email link below that best suits your needs.

  • USRPTIA Administration This address should be used to report problems with the web site and its constituent parts or for general inquiries about the function of the USRPTIA organization.

  • Education Credits This address should be used when submitting applications to have a proposed coaching activity to be USRPTIA certified.

  • Certification Application This address should used when submitting the documentation for participation in USRPTIA-certified activities that yield sufficient certification-points for the granting of a USRPT Coaching Certificate.

  • Apparel and Gear This address should be used for inquiries about USRPTIA apparel and gear.

  • Webinars This address is to be used when making inquiries about webinars.

    Restrictions in Responding to Inquiries

    In the initial stages of development and running of the USRPTIA, there is a considerable amount of work that needs to be accomplished. For example, as the activities of the USRPTIA progress, changes are very likely in order to improve its functions. Members should be cognizant of the workload that the volunteer Committee-members are handling. Every endeavor will be made to answer email inquiries. Steering Committee members will decide the emails that will be answered and those that will be ignored. Apologies are offered for this stance but it is necessary and inevitable if managing USRPTIA activities is to be successful.

    The email addresses linked in this document use the Association's domain name. The person responsible for the email sent to any address is most likely not to be monitoring it on a highly frequent basis. Consequently, the delay between a Member sending an email and the appropriate person responsible for reading the email, deciding if it warrants a response, and actually sending a reply is likely to be much longer than if that person was monitoring personal emails. This is another limitation of the volunteerism that is embraced in the initial years of the existence of the USRPTIA. The Steering Committee asks for Members' understanding.

    Questions concerning USRPT will not be answered at any email address on this web site. Members will need to use existing resources, for example, experienced coaches who may or may not offer a fee-based consultation service, to have practical and informative answers provided. This is not the web site for specific inquiries about the functioning or bases of USRPT.

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